Using this Web Site


The web site has three main sections:

• Top Banner

• Main Carousel

• Results Panel

Top Banner Area

The Top banner area shows the “Who’s In the Spotlight” carousel and “What’s New”.

“Who’s In the Spotlight” indicates the most recent additions with ratings. Users may customise how this is displayed by clicking on the following icons Most Liked, Most Viewed, Highest Rated or Most Commented.

“What’s New” indicates the most recent listings

Click on any of the listings to open the item. For example clicking on “Doh Say Dat” will open the item and show all the contact information recorded in the results panel.

Clicking on “Contact Us” will open an email form.

Top Banner Area

Top Banner Area

Main Carousel and Menu Area

This Area has the Main Menu with drop down options, a carousel with Feature Articles, a listing of Top Rated for the month, Most Recent listings and Top Ten.

Click on the Feature Articles as they scroll or any of the items to open them for reading.

Carousel and Main Menu

Main Carousel and Menu

Users can customise the Top Ten listing as shown below. Click on the drop down arrow and select one of the “All Time” options; Most Views, Most Likes, Best Reviewed, Highest Rated and Commented On.


Customise Top Ten Display

Results Panel

The Results Panel (see below) is located below the main carousel. When you open the web site it will display the most recent listings. If you click on a menu item, category or conduct a search the results will be listed in this panel. This means that if you are at the top of the page you may need to scroll down to see results.

Users can customise how results are displayed. They can switch between Grid or List view by clicking on the icons in the top left of the panel. The example below is in grid view.

Users can also choose to view either a category as is shown below for “Things to Do” or Most Liked, Most Viewed, Highest Rated or Most Commented. If you hover over the icon, the name of the icon will display. Click on the icon to get the appropriate results.

Results Panel

Results Panel

Viewing a Listing

Click on a listing to open it. Our web site presents a basic description, user ratings, our ratings, our comments, contact information and links to facebook or web site pages. (See example below) Clicking on these links will open the pages and make available additional information on the listings.

Viewing a Listing

Viewing a Listing

User Ratings

Users may rate a listing once. Hover over the characteristic you wish to rate and release on the star rating. There is no undo with rating. DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL YOU ARE OVER THE STAR YOU WISH TO REGISTER!!!

See “Our Ratings” under About Us on the main menu for a full explanation of rating characteristics and grading scheme.

User Comments

Users may comment on listings. They can indicate positive, negative and bottom line comments. You do not have to comment in each box.

In order to comment a user must first create an account by clicking on the Account box. Then simply follow instructions to create your user name and account. On completion, a password will be emailed to you which may be changed after log in. After logging in you will be able to enter your comments. All comments are reviewed by the site administrator before posting.


You can search by using the Main Menu, the Search Input Box, Tag or the Categories Drop Down List

1) Search by Main Menu

Click on the Item on the main menu such as “Artisan Goods”. This will open the drop down list. Click on the appropriate category. All items in that category will be displayed below in the results panel beneath the main carousel.

Main menu

Searching Using the Main Menu

2) Search  by Term

Enter the item you are searching for into the input box e.g. “cookies”. (See image below). Click on “Search”. The results will be displayed in the results panel on the left of the screen.

3) Search by Tag

Click on any term listed in the Tag box. The items related to that term will be displayed in the results pane.

4) Search by Category

Click on the categories box to open drop down list. Click on the category required. The number in brackets indicates how many items are in that category in our database. The results will be displayed in the results panel on the left of the screen.

Search by Term

Search by Term or Category

Subscribe for Updates

If you subscribe for updates we will notify you every time we add a new article or listing. Simply enter your email address in the “Subscribe via email” Input box and click on the “√” to the right.

Subscription Panel

Subscription Panel

Social Networking

The web page is integrated with our social networking. There is a social networking panel which links to the appropriate pages. Users can click on the required icon Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to follow us.

Social Networking Panel

Social Networking Panel