Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute – Best Deal in Town


When last you went to a fete serving coconut water in a coconut from the back of a van? I’m willing to bet never! We went to The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) on Carnival Friday and were blown away by the event and their professionalism.

I saw the ad on facebook, thought it looked interesting, did a double take on the price because it was $450TT all inclusive, called to check what was included and purchased the tickets. We paid $475TT to book reserved seats and we got to select our location on a seating chart. At that price I wasn’t expecting too much but we were to be impressed.

The event is a little bit of everything and is really cool and easy for a Carnival Friday. It runs from 12pm to 6pm – it starts on time and ends on time which is refreshing. It is the perfect event for visiting guests and a large number of patrons seemed to be returning locals.


The TTHTI has a lovely campus in Chaguaramas just behind the Convention Centre. It is spacious with cool sea breezes on an afternoon. When you go we suggest you sit at the edge of the tents to capitalise on the breeze. This year we noticed there were outdoor air conditioners which really helped with the heat in the centre of the tents.


The entertainment was very good and well planned. As I said, there was a little bit of everything. There were Mas characters moving through the crowd and greeting you on arrival. We heard some Calypso, Extempo, and saw Indian Dancing. The MC Errol Fabien and Oscar B had the crowd in stitches. We had Poser singing his hits and Oscar B got the party going with Soca hits. Finally, the Pan around the neck took over with a jump up down Hilltop Lane ending exactly at 6.00 pm. Check out our pictures of the jump up in the video complete with Moko Jumbies.


The food was nothing short of amazing. When I walked into the “Food Court” I remember thinking “WOW”. I had to plan my course of attack. I decided it was better to mingle and graze moving from one station to the next. The won tons, pows and curry crab stuffed dumplings were great. The Oil Down was delicious especially with a little stew fish, coo and callaloo on the side. The salad station was impressive, loved the ice sculpture but I was on to other foods. The geera chicken and pork were tasty. Loved the Tamarind balls and sugar cake – the toolum not so much (not my thing). You get the idea – food fuh so!!! I never even went near the curry station. There was even a pasta station where you chose your ingredients, sauce and it was cooked in front of you. Make sure and look at our video to see the Food Court.


There was a full service bar with cocktails and fresh juices. I loved the table service which lasted for the whole event. The servers did a really good job and were very pleasant. Besides the table service they walked through the crowd offering drinks such as wine and rum punch.

Tickets to this event sell out fast. Put it on your calendar for next year and call early to find out when tickets go on sale. This is not a “young people” fete. There were one or two persons under 20 but the average age is 50 and over. And some of those “ole” people could really fete.

The TTHTI can be enjoyed throughout the year. Their Hilltop Restaurant is open for dining. They serve Lunch Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 2pm. Lunch is $50TT for the main course and $75TT for two courses. Dinner is available on Mondays and Saturdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. There is a special offer of a 5 course meal at a cost of $135 per person for groups of four or more persons – so make your lime. Reservations can be made by calling (868) 634-1315 /4250 /4456. Please check their facebook page for the latest menu.

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