UpMarket – A Lovely Mix of Artisan Products


UpMarket is a monthly  artisan market held at Woodbrook Youth Facility in Port of Spain usually on the first weekend of the month. It switches between Saturdays and Sundays. Check their face book page to get the latest dates https://www.facebook.com/UpMarketTT.


Upmarket describes itself as “Trinidad’s premier festival of fabulous foods, finds and family fun!” Its facebook page goes on to indicate that “UpMarket is a monthly food market that allows chefs, caterers, passionate cooks and producers to bring their specialty to the table and directly interact with the customer.”” The market is organised and managed by Janet Fabres and its main aim is to promote local artists, business and charities.

The location is convenient. It is close to Wrightson Road and easily accessible from the highway. Parking is not usually an issue. Parking is available on-street and in the Jean Pierre Stadium. On the day we visited there was an event in the stadium which meant that stadium parking was unavailable. Even so on-street parking was still possible.

The youth facility is not a perfect venue but it does have a charm about it. We feel that it is well suited to the market atmosphere. Apparently it leaks when it rains and it was definitely hot on the day we were there. I would recommend you go early to avoid the heat. Or walk around like a Spanish lady with a fan in your hand.

The market is well laid out. You can easily navigate your way between the vendors of which there appeared to be about 80 plus. There is a nice mix of foods, accessories and other items. We visited early in November and it was quite crowded at 11 a.m. The prices were by no means cheap but they were not exorbitant. We felt you got good value for money. It is a lovely way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Upmarket does seem to be socially conscious and committed to supporting NGO’s and charitable causes. Our research indicates that organizations such as Mamatoto and Citizens for Conservation are regulars. The market also provides a forum for training and discussions on topics related to artisan goods and agriculture. The most recent event is the hosting of a food security Food Hive held on December 7th.

We found a lot of great things that day. Some of the more spectacular were: Rachael Amy Rochford jewellery, Arthur’s Novelties wood items, Nature Seekers jewellery and Lisa Sarjeant-Gonzales hand dyed silk garments.


Some great food items were Oui Cuisine, Perfect Peppers, Terre Benie and Dolce Valle Dairy. This by no means is the full list. Forgive me if we disagree with regards to favourites. You need to get there and decide for yourself.