Katrina Therapy Centre


Katrina Therapy Centre is the first and only out patient rehabilitation centre in the Caribbean that caters to the needs of orthopaedic or neurological patients seeking water,​​ physical and electrical therapy all under one roof.​ Using the ADAAG (ADA Accessibility Guideline for Buildings and Facilities), the centre was built from the ground up with the patient in mind and outfitted with modern equipment, some of which are now available in Trinidad & Tobago for the very first time.​

Our Comments: We were really impressed with this facility. It was spotlessly clean and well laid out. We got the impression from the manager that he was sincere and cared about patients. it was obvious that a considerable amount of thought and planning went into this facility. It is located 15 minutes on the main road from the highway – very easy to find.

Clients spoke in glowing terms about this facility. They were impressed by the “one on one” service. One lady indicated that they were “nice people, the therapist really knew his stuff and was considerate to her pain”. Another client said that “it was a relief for her family to go there and get that type of service in Trinidad”. All clients unreservedly recommended the centre.

Contact Info:     David Assiu – Facility Manager

18 Marcano Avenue, off Manahambre Road, Princes Town, Trinidad.

(868) 655-5132