Our Rating Scheme


We have developed the following descriptions in order to foster consistency in our ratings and those of users.

Goods are rated in terms of cost, quality and value for money.

Services are rated in terms of cost, service and workmanship.

The overall rating is separately allocated and is subjective.

Cost Criteria

Cost is rated from very low to very expensive.

Very Low: Cost is surprisingly cheap

Low: Cost is just below what you would expect

Average: Cost is what you would expect

High: Cost is above what you would expect

Very Expensive: There is that “WOW” factor to the price tag


Cost Ratings

Other Criteria

Ratings range from very poor to excellent.


Ratings for other Criteria

Our site only lists quality goods and services so that you will not find a poor or very poor listing. However, users opinions may differ and they may wish to give poor ratings. A product or service that is consistently rated as poor or very poor by users will be investigated and the listing removed if necessary.

Quality of Goods

Very poor: Goods have major imperfections, Yuck!

Poor: Just a little disappointing.

Average: Goods are as expected

Good: Better than average, something sets it apart.

Excellent: Exceptional quality, perfect and unique. Very different.

Value for Money of Goods

Very poor: You feel “ripped off”

Poor: You think you paid a little more than you should have.

Average: You got what you paid for.

Good: You think you paid a little less than you should have

Excellent: You feel satisfied, as if you got a deal.


Very poor: Very disappointing. There are major issues with courtesy, efficiency and organization.

Poor: Minor irritants but nothing major.

Average: Service was as expected not bad but nothing special either.

Good: Service was better than expected . Pleasant and courteous.

Excellent: Service was above and beyond that expected e.g.: Follow-up calls made to check on service . You are notified of time of arrival or non-arrival.


Very poor: Very disappointing. Major issues with skill and work conducted.

Poor: There were one or two issues with work but nothing major.

Average: Work performed was as expected.

Good: Work performed was better than expected. Pleasant surprise.

Excellent: Work performed was perfect. No issues at all. Could not have asked for anything more.

How to Rate a Listing and Post a Comment

  1. Users ratings are displayed as RED Stars
  2. Click on a listing to open it. Scroll down.
  3. Users may rate a listing once. Hover over the characteristic you wish to rate and release on the star rating. There is no undo with rating. DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL YOU ARE OVER THE STAR YOU WISH TO REGISTER!!!
  4. Scroll down and Enter your comment in the area below. Comments are vetted and approved by the Editor before being posted on-line