Bits and Pieces 2013 – Big and Busy


Bits and Pieces is an annual Christmas sale that is usually held in November.  The brain child of Vanessa Dalla Costa the sale is now in its sixth year. It is hugely popular which is a testament to Dalla Costa who says she began with 6 vendors and now has more than 100. It seemed like anyone who has anything to do with artisan goods or foods was there.

The sale was located in the ball room of Movie Towne, Port of Spain. The location was excellent. It was easy to get in and out of Movie Towne.  There was adequate parking with security. It was nice to be able to walk out and go to a restaurant and have lunch.

The sale is well laid out. You can navigate between the tables and work yourself around the room. The location of all food vendors in a “food court” at the western end of the ball room was a good idea and very convenient for shopping. But with so many vendors every available space in the ballroom was occupied from the minute you exited the elevator straight through the foyer area. The impression was one of fullness.

bitspieces2This sale is probably a must do on everyone’s calendar. Unfortunately the popularity of the sale causes unbelievable congestion and overheating in the ball room. We arrived about 11.00 a.m and it was full of people. When we left at around 2.00 p.m. – they were still coming. And coming with children and strollers which caused even more congestion. I “doh” know about you but congestion contributes to sensory overload with me which just makes me tired and I shut down. I do not spend money when I am tired – that is a very bad idea. We just had to leave. It was too crowded and too warm. Very unfortunate! I strongly recommend that you go very early next year and please leave the children and strollers at home.

 Vanessa is well aware of these issues and is seeking to address them. In addition, she admits that managing the 100 plus vendors is a real challenge. She indicated when we spoke that she wants to cut back to a more manageable 80 vendors. That being said it is a great sale. The variety of vendors and products is amazing. Having them all in one location is great and Vanessa is to be commended.


After the sale three vendors stuck with us; Ashley Thompson, Melanie Pontiflex and Donna Hadeed. Ashley is a gifted landscape artist and was featuring new mini paintings at the show. Melanie, another artist (I really must have been in an arty mood) ventured in to hand painted silk throw pillows for the first time. They were simple and elegant. She indicated that she was getting a good response. Donna Hadeed (WI Bead) was a very popular vendor. Her beaded utensils were beautiful and very Italian looking.


The “food court” was full of great food vendors. All the popular ones were there like Perfect Peppers, Terre Benie, del Mano and Dolce Valle Dairy. French Macaroons had a great display with beautiful packaging. I could go on and on. Will I go next year? Of course!

For up to date info on Bits and Pieces check there facebook page