Gourd Artist Extraordinaire – Norland Bobb


Norland Bobb works in gourds and has a small shop on Buccoo School Road, Tobago. The best time to visit his shop is during Sunday School on a Sunday evening. By chance we met at Market Deh’ where we found him relaxing on the side wall. We were attracted by the range of natural colours in his exhibit. Many people make and sell gourd items in Tobago but his are different. This is some of the best work I have seen. He invited us to come and see his shop in Buccoo.

Norland Bobb at Market Deh'

Norland Bobb at Market Deh’

Norland is a very interesting person to speak with. He seems to like visitors to his shop. When we arrived on Sunday night there was a couple there shopping but it was all very relaxed with a Tobago vibe. There was no sense that we were imposing and we had a lovely chat. He showed the range of his products and explained his work. We even got to hear him strum on his calabash “quatro”.

Norland's Shop Cultural Art and Craft Shop in Buccoo

Norland’s Shop Cultural Art and Craft Shop in Buccoo


He has been working with gourds for many years. He brought in some seeds years ago from Africa and planted trees from which he gets his gourds. Unfortunately most of the trees have died off and he indicated that he was trying to get some more seeds to replant and build his supply.


Calabash gourds at different stages of production

Gourds at different stages of production. Note the intricate carving.


Norland has quite a range of products, every piece is attractive with a little different twist. He has earrings in a variety of colours and styles and his singles are fabulous – intricately carved, real pieces of art! His singles or “fish scales” were priced at $60.00TT.

Great styles and colours of earrings

Great styles and colours of earrings

A couple of gourds and some of his earring singles - beautifully done!

Some of his carved gourds and a few of his earring singles – beautifully done!


More examples of his “singles”


He also has other items such as mobiles and wind chimes.


Wind Chimes by Norland Bobb

We highly recommend that you take time to go and look for Norland at his shop. You will not be disappointed and will certainly have an interesting visit. His shop is on the main road when you enter Buccoo. Contact him by telephone at 868-329-7782.