Zayas Ltd ~ Full of Taste – Free of Gluten


Gluten free food items – Quinoa Salads, Trinidad Black Cake, Saltfish Accra, Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes, Carrot Cheesecake cupcakes, Banana Bread, Date Walnut Bites, Quinoa Bites (Vegetable and with Meat), Quinoa Chicken Chili etc…

Our Comments : Great, tasty gluten free options. We tasted and loved the quinoa salad and bites.

Available At:       Petit Gourmet, St. Clair, The Happy Gourmet Valpark Shopping Plaza, Valsayn. Kappa Drugs, Arties’ Meats, Vanilla Bean Gourmet or Order Directly

Contact Info:       Donnamarie Butts Rowley

  (868) 355-6368