Sherfoods Ice Cream – Great Local Flavours


For great tasting quality homemade ice cream in Tobago. Each flavor is not just a unique taste but an experience. We make and supply homemade ice cream, in local fruit flavours of sapodilla, soursop, guava, barbadine, coconut etc… In sizes 1liter, 2liter, 4liter and 8 liter. We also produce local baked products and sweets such as: pone, coconut tart, paime, toolum etc..

Our Comments : Tried this ice cream at Market Deh and it was very tasty. I had sapodilla in a home made sugar cone which was delicious. We paid $8.00 TT for a scoop in their cone. We recommend that you go look for them in Signal Hill.

Available At:       Shop in Siganl Hill Micro Mall

Contact Info:      Signal Hill, Micro Mall, Tobago.

 (868) 369 9765