Body by Mia- Luscious Body Scrubs


All natural homemade body polishes and scrubs. We provide decadent body scrubs and body polishes to our customers, who would like to incorporate an exfoliation regime into their skin care routines, helping them to achieve a dewy and healthy glow to their skin. Our Scrubs are designed to gently buff the skin, helping to remove dead cells on the surface (which leaves a dull appearance). This helps to uncover new shiny cells, giving your skin a naturally radiant glow. Our products are made with a combination of fully organic, essential oils and skin care ingredients, blissfully blended together for the sole purpose of exfoliation.

Our Comments : The range of luscious flavours attracted us. Makes you want to try all of them. The products can be personalised as favours for various events – what a refreshing gift!!.

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Contact Info:      Amanda

 Port of Spain, Trinidad.

  (868) 730 3424