About Us

evapaula1Two Trinidadian women, wives, mothers, employees and proprietors. We’ve been and done many things during the course of our lives. One with an IT and database background the other with design and property management experience. What could we possibly have in common?

Both of us are very proud of Trinidad and Tobago and what is produced on a daily basis. Like most Trinbagonians we are “house-proud”, we like to garden and have a sense of style. We like good food and drink, we like to lime, and we have earned the right to relax.

Over the years people have fallen into the habit of calling Paula to source various things from upholsterers to guest houses. This project was started because we recognised the need for a central source to provide access to good quality and safe services. We knew that they existed because we and our friends have been using these people for years. But how would you find them? So the idea to develop a web site was born. In our research, we discovered a whole lot of talented artisans producing excellent local goods. So, we included them. Found some great ideas for articles and now we have an on-line magazine!

TrinbagoApproved.com focuses on local goods, services and experiences.  We research, review and develop preferred listings of excellent local goods and service providers. We write about the experience of local living and anything we like about Trinidad and Tobago. There are unique and exciting activities in this twin island state that some of us take for granted and many of us have never heard of. We hope you enjoy our efforts. Use our lists to buy and support Trinbagonians.

Paula & Eva

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